Colombier Beach

Delightfully secluded and accessible only by catamaran or a 25-minute hike along a goat path.

You should go there: With a picnic lunch and spend the day swimming and snorkeling.

Why we love it:  The sunsets are spectacular – "green flash" anyone? So romantic that many guys have popped the question here.

Flamands Beach

St. Barth's classic, wide Caribbean beach is gorgeous, offering restaurants for seaside dining.

You should go there: If you enjoy bodysurfing and riding the waves, it's the place to play.

Why we love it: After a swim, we can have langouste (Caribbean Lobster) for lunch then doze on the beach.

Gouverneur Beach

Unspoiled. The white-sand cove is picture-perfect. There is nice surf and good snorkeling by the rocks.

You should go there: Early or late in the day to avoid the strong sunlight. Turn right to go sans suit.

Why we love it: Rumor has it Captain Monbars, "The Exterminator," buried his stolen treasure in a hidden cave – no one has found it yet! We are still looking.

Grand Cul de Sac Beach

A lovely lagoon. Calm with quiet, shallow water – perfect for small children. Beachfront dining and great breezes.

You should go there: To see the blue and green hues of the sea and take a kitesurfing lesson – if you dare.

Why we love it: To enjoy a "toes-in-the-sand" lunch at O'Corail or La Gloriette.

Lorient Beach

A reef-protected beach – great for swimming and snorkeling. In winter it provides some shade.

You should go there: When the "surf's up" on the left end to watch the hard-core surfers try to catch that perfect wave.

Why we love it: We can stop at the nearby bakery for a baguette and a few Caribs and then enjoy lunch by the palm trees.

Marigot Bay

A delightful small cove that is part of the Marine Reserve.

You should go there: To swim and then snorkel by the rocks.

Why we love it: Palm trees line the small beach, and it is never crowded.

Saline Beach

Unspoiled and spectacular – it's one of the island's marquee beaches.

You should go there: If you like to swim "au naturel." (Don't tell anyone we told you!)

Why we love it: The hilly path leads to a sand dune; when we reach the top, we marvel at the view.

Shell Beach

A very calm cove with a view of the islands of Statia and Saba.

You should go there: When other beaches are a bit too windy, count on Shell Beach to be tranquil enough for swimming and sunning.

Why we love it: The tiny shells are so pretty. In winter, we come to watch the sunset.

St. Jean Beach

The island's sexiest and scene-ist. Great to swim, play and people watch, and it boasts several toes-in-the-sand bars and bistros.

You should go there: To see the up close-and-personal view of the little planes flying in – it's so St. Barth.

Why we love it: It's where all the action is, especially on Sundays at La Plage.