Rental Cars

Whether you are staying in a villa or a hotel, a car is an absolute necessity. Public transportation is non-existent. Taxi service is available, but driving around gives you the freedom to do what you want when you want to do it. Although the island is only 8 square miles, St. Barth is very hilly and the roads are narrow. Your rental car allows you to explore the many beautiful beaches (all are public), discover breathtaking vistas, shop at the chic boutiques, and dine at St. Barth’s finest restaurants.

St. Barth Properties will reserve a vehicle on behalf of our confirmed guests. The car will be at the airport ready for pickup upon your arrival. Our greeter will escort you to the rental area.

The available options include two-door Suzuki Jimnys (both soft- and hardtop), 4 door sedans, Jeep-type vehicles, SMART cars, Mini Coopers, Jeep Wranglers, 4-door SUVs, 7 to ­9 passenger mini-vans as well as several others including a high-end BMW convertible. Prices typically range from €35 to ­€120 per day in Value Season and €60 to €160 per day in High Season.

If you have a confirmed reservation and would like to reserve your car now, please contact our concierge desk at 401-236-5840 and we will be more than happy to help you.