Location & Climate

Situated in the French West Indies, St. Barthélemy is located 17°55 North and 62°50 West in the northeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea, some 15 miles southeast of St. Martin, and it is because it is just hard enough to get to that makes it that much more special. This tiny island, just eight square miles, with its many hills intersected by serpentine roads, is a testament to its origins – a volcanic disturbance some 50 million years ago.

The climate here is arid, tropical maritime, and that means it seldom rains. Its rare showers are usually of short duration. Many people think that the Caribbean is like Florida, which is much hotter in summer than the rest of the year. The reality is that evening and daytime temperatures range from 72° to 86° Fahrenheit throughout the year, and the delightful trade winds (Les Alizés) add to the comfort level. There is rarely a day without sunshine. In short, the weather here is almost perfect, and combined with water temperatures averaging 78.8°F in the winter and 84.2°F in the summer, it's an island paradise and an ideal vacation destination year-round.