St. Barth FAQs

What makes St. Barth so unique?

St. Barth is a French island with an interesting and quirky Swedish legacy. The result is a cosmopolitan European ambience unlike that of any other island in the Caribbean. Visitors will find no casinos, high-rises or all-inclusives but rather chic bistros, red-roofed villas terraced into the hillsides and small, elegant hotels – and nothing taller than a palm tree. This beautiful island is known for its fine dining; its cuisine is the best in the region and rivals that of any city in the world. St. Barth is truly a special destination.

How do I get to St. Barth?

You are a first timer (soon to be hooked on St. Barth and become a repeat guest). You say, “How do I get to St. Barth?” It’s fairly easy and worth the extra effort.  Even if you are a repeat client, you will find this latest information useful.

What do I need to pack?

Think smart casual and bring an extra bathing suit or two and some cover-ups. The island is casual and during the day, visitors often dress in shorts and T-shirts. In the evening men usually wear slacks and a sport shirt (no jackets or ties required) and women, sundresses or resort wear.

Should I stay in a hotel or a villa?

This is an individual decision. Villas offer more privacy and space, so they are great for families and groups of friends – and they are often the more economical choice as well. Those who want high-level service (e.g., room service, on-site restaurants and fitness facilities) should consider a hotel. We would be happy to explore all the options with you and help you decide.

Do I need travel insurance?

As cancellation policies are strictly enforced on both villa and hotel bookings and most reasons for cancellation are due to unforeseen circumstances, we highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance.

Do I need to rent a car?

We strongly recommend that you rent a car. A car will enable you to explore the island, visit the gorgeous beaches and dine around – all of which will be vacation highlights. You can drive from one end of the island to the other in only 20 minutes. We are happy to arrange a car rental for you. Please bear in mind that there is no public transportation. For those evenings or long lunches when you prefer not to drive, we can arrange taxi service to pick you up and bring you back to your villa or hotel.

Does villa rental include maid service?

Yes. Maid service is included in the villa rental (with the exception of Sundays and French public holidays).

Are the restaurants as good as they say?

Yes! St. Barth is renowned for its fine restaurants and is truly a paradise for foodies. There are over 80 restaurants ranging from breezy beachside grilles and chic sidewalk cafés to gourmet dining rooms, many housed in high-end hotels. Once your booking has been completed, you will receive our Helpful Hints packet that includes lots of restaurant suggestions. Our on-island office and our U.S. office will be happy to make reservations for you.

Is a cook available?

Yes. Many visitors opt to have a private chef prepare dinner during their stay. We can arrange for a chef to come to your villa and prepare and serve a gourmet meal.

What about the language?

St. Barth is a French island and French is the official and primary language. However, English is widely spoken, especially in the resorts, shops and restaurants. Language will not be a problem. However, brushing up on your high school French can be fun. The islanders will be flattered when you greet them with a friendly Bonjour and attempt to converse in their own language.

If I stay in a villa, how will I find it and what if I need something?

Not to worry. Our greeter will meet you with signage outside of the arrival hall and escort you to our booth located in the airport car rental pavilion; from there you will be escorted to your villa. Our on-island staff is there to see to all of your needs, including providing a full range of concierge services. A staff member is on call 24 hours a day.

What is the currency?

St. Barth’s currency is the euro, but U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere.

What documents do I need for entry?

For U.S., Canadian and European Union citizens, a valid passport is mandatory for St. Barth entry. Other nationalities may additionally require a visa.

Can I plug in my electronics?

The voltage is 220 in St. Barth (French European with 2 round prongs). While many of today's items such as laptops, iPads, etc. have dual (110v / 220v) capabilities we recommend you double check before travel and/or bring a travel converter with you.

What time is it in St. Barth?

St. Barth is located in the Atlantic Time Zone, which is 1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time, and is on the same time zone during Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

What is the best area of the island in which to stay?

There are no "bad" areas. Each location has its own personality. Remember, St. Barth is only 8 square miles so nothing is far away.